Friday, August 31, 2012

Backup The Right Way

On August 10 I wrote an article about how relying exclusively on cloud drive services such as Dropbox and Skydrive for backing up your files can be dangerous. This is because if a file becomes corrupted it will replicate to all of your physical locations where the cloud drive service is installed as well as the cloud itself.

Good old fashion backups are still necessary and should be taken seriously. One of the best ways to remember how to back up your images safely is to use the 3-2-1 rule.

I recommend storing 3 copies of any important file (a primary and two backups).

I recommend having the files on 2 different media types (such as an external hard drive and USB media), to protect against different types of problems. You can accomplish this simply by backing your files up to 2 separate external drives.

1 copy should be stored offsite (or at least offline). There are many free services so there is no excuse. I have written articles and discussed many of these free services in our training classes.

In a future article I will discuss some examples of the reasons you need to back-up such as viruses, device failure, theft and disasters.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skydrive on Android

If you are regular reader of this fine tech blog you are aware that I have been impressed with what Microsoft has been doing for at least the last year or so. One of their new cloud services, "Skydrive" is now available on Android devices.

If you are not familiar with Skydrive, it’s a cloud storage service from Microsoft.

When the service was in beta stage, Microsoft was offering a cloud storage of 25 GB. Microsoft however has decreased it to 7 GB which is still greater than what is available from Google, Apple & Dropbox. Skydrive does requires you have a live login id.

Here are the official features of the new Skydrive client;

1. Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.

2. View recently used documents.

3. Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.

4. Share your files and photos – send a link in email or in another app.

5. Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps.

6. Manage your files – delete, or create new folders.

Just like the Apple and Microsoft apps, The look of the Android draws elements from the new Windows 8 Metro UI. If you are on Android check it out. You can check out Skydrive at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gadgets in the Air - Under Review

One of the rules that has boggled me for years is why when traveling in the air we are forced to turn off our gadgets when landing and taking off. This never really made since to me. Although many of these gadgets do broadcast wireless signals, up again the power of a modern airplane their capability of “interfering” with flight operations to my knowledge has never been proven or explained to the traveling public.

The manufactures of these “gadgets” have tried to work around this crazy rule by adding an ‘airplane mode” option. This option when turned on turns off all wireless activity. However if you ever tried to explain this to a stewardess after being told to turn your Nook off you understand that it is a battle you will not win.

There finally is some hope for us who fly regularly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reportedly putting together a group to re-examine current testing procedures and policies airlines have in place for gadgets. However this group will not be considering airborne use of cell phones for voice communication.

Baby steps are better than no steps at all. Especially considering that these policies and procedures are way behind the speed at which we adopt new technology. This newly formed group will look at how these devices are tested for use in the air. In addition the current standards for use of portable electronic devices on board an airplane will be closely looked at.

The group will meet for six months before giving recommendations to the FAA for a policy changes.

The FAA is also seeking feedback from the traveling public. I am very impressed to see the FAA taking this further step. You can read the official FAA document by clicking here.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong - The Eagle Has Landed

Today a true WORLD hero died, Neil Armstrong. The first man who walked on the moon, Neil Armstrong passed away today, August 25, 2012. Armstrong was a true hero. To learn more about him check out his official biography.

God's speed Neil Armstrong. The "eagle really has landed" today.

App Review - Broadcast for Friends

Did you ever wish you could capture video on your smartphone and share it on Facebook right away? Well with Upstream's new app, "Broadcast for Friends" you can do just that. Once installed on your IPhone (sorry Android & Blackberry users) and connected to your facebook account it is crazy easy to share video, almost instantly with your friends. The app not only broadcast's your video but it comes with 10 cool filters which you can apply to your video if you are feeling creative.

One of the most fun things about BFF is reporting live from anywhere to your friends. As soon as you are live, you are actually live right on Facebook. That means your friends will see your video in their news feeds, and you can find your videos right on your Facebook timeline.

Check it out at the ITunes app store today, if you want to share some live video with your friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Microsoft Unveils New Corporate Logo

I just wrote an article in the August 2012 West Chester Technology Newsletter reporting my belief that inovation has returned to Microsoft. I must say Microsoft must have been inspired by my article because today for the first time in nearly 25 years, Microsoft has redesigned its corporate logo.

On first sight I must say I really like it. Nice, clean and sharp. Well done.

As Mary Jo Foley of ZDnet reported Microsoft's logo gets a makeover, here are the basics: The font is Segoe; the intention is meant to imply "digital motion." Segoe and motion are both key to the Microsoft's Metro interface/design philosophy, which has been a key component in a number of recent Microsoft products, services and Web sites. But because Metro is now on Microsoft's banned words list, Microsoft isn't able to say that the new logo reflects the company's Metro UI/design principles.

Watch Out for Shamoon

One of the brighter sides of the ongoing battle with malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses and worms has been that recently the creators of these evil applications have not tried to actually destroy your PC. Most of the recent malicious code that has made the rounds works to get your personal and credit card information. The infected computer user notices these infections by slow performing computers and pop-up messages with security warnings and promising to clean your PC for a “small fee”. However the computer files in these cases are usually left in peace.

Of course you never want to fall prey to these scams and it can be troublesome getting your PC back in proper working order but your PC is not completely out of service. A new virus is making the rounds that Symantec has named “Shamoon” that strives to make your computer life utterly miserable. You see “Shamoon” unlike the recent trend in malicious software works very hard to actually delete your files. This was common years ago but not so recently.

Shamoon is somewhat of a mystery right now as security software providers work to investigate. However a couple of things are known that you should be aware of.

1. Shamoon is an “executable” file which probably arrives as an email attachment. Once the user opens the file it infects the computer.

2. Once infected the computer cannot be booted and that is a big problem.

3. Files on the infected computer are actually erased which results in the pc collapsing into a “non-bootable” state. It is believed this happens because some of the deleted or infected files are on the master boot record.

4. If your computer is infected your repair options will probably require an IT professional.

More needs to be learned about “Shamoon” but you can help to protect your computer by following these recommendations.

1. Install and keep up to date a good sound Security solution.

2. Make sure your operating system is updated.

3. Do not open email attachments that you did not specifically request.

4. Do not visit suspicious websites.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome to the Blog

It was wonderful to have our campus families together last evening! Thank you for being there. Would you commit to continue to pray for our campus in the days and weeks ahead?!


Welcome to your online connection for our Classical Conversations Community, West Chester! This site will serve as a place to keep everyone up to date on information and will be a point of connection with tutors. We will post up to the minute changes in our schedule due to weather, special events and field trips and other helpful reminders on this site.

Click on the links to the left and they will take you to your individual tutors page. Please note a change from the handbook - Steve Greer will be the tutor for Apprentices and Kristie Asimos will tutor Journeymen.Tutors will post weekly updates, letting you know what went on in class, any assignments, etc.

If you are concerned that you will forget to check during the week just subscribe to applicable pages. All you have to do is go to the page you want to subscribe to and enter your email address. When you do this, every time there is a new post it will be sent to your email inbox. You have to subscribe to each page that you want to receive. I would suggest subscribing to this page and to any class page that correlates to classes that your children are in.

One final note... we have changed the order of the science experiments so that we are doing outdoor nature and animal walks in September rather than November.
Here is the science experiment schedule for the first  10 weeks of the year. We will not change the order of the grammar facts as presented in the Foundations Guide, we are just rearranging the science experiments:

Week 1 - Nature Study Walk - Plants
Week 2 - Nature Study Walk - Animals
Week 3 - Flower Part Identification
Week 4 - Blending (Van Cleave's lesson #57) and Ground Temperature (Van Cleave's lesson #58)
Week 5 - Baby Bean (Van Cleave's lesson #45)
Week 6 - Telegraph Lines (Van Cleave's lesson #54) and Belly Up (Van Cleave's lesson #56)
Week 7 - Pollution (Van Cleave's lesson #62)
Week 8 - Naked Egg (Van Cleave's lesson #63) and Shrinking Egg (Van Cleave's lesson #64)
Week 9 - Fooling your tongue (Van Cleave's lesson #65) and Trickery (Van Cleave's lesson #66)
Week 10 - Crayfish Anatomy lab

Enjoy the end of your summer and start of a new school year!

Isaiah 41:10: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

$587,620.00 Lump Sum **Updated with Links**

You may recall that there were precisely three attempts made by our Grand Prairie, TX City Council to place unodorized gas gathering pipelines in our Westchester and other South Grand Prairie, TX neighborhoods last fall and in the final Public Hearing on January 3rd, 2012 (we'll link to those stories in a little while).
**Updated with Links**Click Here, Click Here, Click Here and Yes, Click Here.

Certain members of our southern Grand Prairie community presented statements in opposition to these lateral gathering pipelines that would run through the heart of our community. It was a pipeline system many considered to be "inevitable."

It all happened between Thanksgiving and the New Year and made for a festive 2nd straight year of spending our holidays with the gas drilling issue front and center. We thank DFW Midstream and our own Grand Prairie, TX City Manager and City Council for making it all possible.  Those attempts failed.

Now, we hear from our Trailwood neighbors (to the west of Westchester) that gas gathering pipeline markers have actually been staked out for the placement of a new route for these gathering pipelines since long before the summer.  DFW Midstream (in $$cooperation$$ with our City and other cities in the Barnett Shale) tries very hard to be a utility  since utility companies do what they do "for the public good." Sadly, the shale gas business wants us to see them as a very well-regulated "public utility," unfortunately, they're not.

Question #1: If you think that placing unodorized gas gathering pipelines within 50 yards of children attending Dickinson Elementary School is a rational and sane idea, please raise your hand? Anyone?
Dickinson Elementary School's Web site

Question #2:  How much is it worth to bring this kind of DANGER within a very short distance of the playgrounds for very young children in our community...or ANY community?? ANSWER:  $587,620 (lump sum) is the price in Grand Prairie, Texas (look at the above "Financial Consideration," Revenue: $587,620 ~ as seen on the Agenda Details for tonight's City Council Meeting.)

Some may remember this...and some may wish they didn't:
Yes. They were "unodorized" gas distribution pipelines. 

Watch Out for "Drive By" Websites!

A new Internet virus that takes computers ransom is making its way around the web and federal authorities are seeing increased reports of the scam from victims in the United States.

Nationally the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it has been "inundated with complaints" this month, and today said that it has received an increasing number of reports from people who have fallen victim to the new scam.

Authorities said the Reveton virus, which has been making its way across the country, has been identified as a "drive-by" malicious software because it can install itself when computer users simply click on a compromised website.

Once infected, the victim's computer immediately locks and the monitor displays a screen stating that there has been a violation of federal law, according to the FBI. The message also states that the user's Internet address was identified by the FBI or Department of Justice as having been associated with child pornography sites and other illegal online activity. To unlock the computer, the user is told to pay a fine using a prepaid money card service, the FBI said.

Please be aware that The FBI will never ask a person for money over the Internet.

This particular virus is especially dangerous because your computer can be infected by simply clicking on an infected website. As always the best prevention is to keep your anti-virus software up to date and your computer operating systems updated. This is a good time to check your anti-virus software and make sure it is up to date. Also make sure your Microsoft operating system has the latest security patches installed. And of course do not visit suspicious websites.

I recommend Microsoft’s free anti-virus solution, Microsoft Security Essentials. However never ever install more then one anti-virus solution on your computer. If you would like to try our Microsoft Security Essentials make sure to uninistall the old program first.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Facebook Page In Development

The Borough of West Chester is preparing for the launch of an "official" Facebook page.

The Facebook page is currently in development. A "Facebook Team" consisting of several staff members are hard at work preparing for the facebook launch. Working with the Borough's Finance & Technology Committee these dedicated employees are striving to launch a Facebook page that both the Borough of West Chester and our community can be proud of.

Our goal is to make this official Facebook webpage a goto hub for our community and its visitors.

Do you have an idea, or want to get involved? Contact me for more information. Here is a sneak peak of our soon to be launched, "Official Borough of West Chester Facebook Page".

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The GasFRAC Cometh: Proven "Proprietary" Process?? Or Just Another Disaster in the Making! **Update**

As seen on Interstate 20 headed East from Grand Prairie, TX

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Numerous patents/Numerous pending
Proven innovative technology

GASFRAC has developed an innovative closed stimulation process and injection method, utilizing gelled LPG rather than conventional frac fluids.

The LPG used in the closed GASFRAC system is primarily propane, C3H8, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon that is non-damaging to the formation.[emphasis added.]

And the "proprietary" GasFRAC prevents vapour buildup?

GASFRAC's proprietary LPG process is designed for maximum safety. Our pressurized, closed system ensures the process is completely controlled and that the LPG gel maintains its fluid state—with zero exposure to oxygen—preventing vapour build-up.[emphasis added.]

** Update:   Hmmm. Apparently, this blog post landed on a stock market message board!??  We have had more hits on this blog post within the last 24 hours than any of our posts in such a time period, lately.  Too bad.  The stock market crowd only wants to know how GasFRAC is doing. They really don't seem to care about the BIG PICTURE.  And want to tell us how the cow ate the cabbage...rather than how the cows died from drinking the fracking fluid. 

Oh, and to the Anonymous commenter who left such a detailed reprimand for us ~ Thank you.  Unfortunately, it was accidentally deleted by our iPhone. Please post it again, and we'll be sure to post it as long as the condescension is down a notch or two. Thank you, everyone, for reading. And try to think about making your money from businesses that are in business for the good of humanity.  This ain't it. Amen.

Preserve Your Facebook Timeline

Lessons from the Past about Facebook

Did you ever wonder “How do we know exactly what John Adams & Thomas Jefferson were thinking and why they made certain decisions?” You can ask this question of any person who lived and loved before the radio, film & computer age. But how is this possible? We have a very good insight into many of the people who came before us, during this pre-modern age for one reason only. They wrote a lot. And I mean a lot. Most educated people kept diaries and wrote back and forth to their loved ones, friends and colleges. Remember that there were no telephones, computers, video chatting software, mobile phones. It gets even worse for our friends from this "pre-modern" age! There was no Facebook and they could not even text! How did they survive and communicate? I will say this again, they wrote diaries and they wrote to each other on a regular basis.

The writings that have survived have provided their future generations with insight into what kind of human beings they were. However today we live in a digital age and writing letters to each other is quickly becoming a lost art. The closest thing to a "letter" these days is probably an email message.

Another way in which we communicate with each other is Facebook. If you think about it, Facebook is very much like a “public diary”. We note everything from the health of our family and ourselves to sports commentary, what television programs we are watching as well as discussing the music we enjoy. I believe that Facebook has become the 21st century version of the 19th century diary.

If you think of Facebook as a diary you may want to download a copy of it from time to time to preserve your “Facebook Timeline” locally. You may even want to print it annually and then place it in a nice binder of some sort.

Facebook offers the ability to “archive” or download a copy of your timeline. I recommend that if you are a regular user of Facebook you take the time to do this at least once a year. After all it’s your “modern diary”. Perhaps someday in the distant future when technology has crashed and civilization is rebuilding itself someone may stumble upon your printed Facebook timeline and learn just a little bit about you and why for example you believed “Pink Floyd” was SO much better a rock band then “Led Zeppelin”.

Steps to Download Your Facebook

1. Account Settings
2. At the bottom of the “General Account Settings” page select “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
3. Select “Start My Archive”.
This download will take a while because it has to gather your photos, wall posts, messages and other information. The archive process will then ask you to verify your identify in order to make sure that it is YOU asking for the archived data.
4. You will receive a message that states an email will be “sent when your archive is ready to download”.
5. Then you will receive a message that states that the archive is “pending” and an email will be sent when it is ready.
6. You will receive an email stating that the “requested download” is ready from Facebook. A hyperlink will be included to access your archive.
7. When you click on the hyperlink you will be transported to Facebook where you will need to login.
8. Then you will be prompted to download the archive.
9. Save your archive and there you go, you have your own copy of your archived Facebook timelime.
You can also download an “Expanded Archive” which includes historic IP addresses that Facebook stores about your logins to Facebook.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SkyDrive Gets a Facelift

Today Microsoft debuted a new theme to it's excellent "SkyDrive" service. SkyDrive which competes with services like DropBox to store your files in the cloud has been making a lot of positive news recently and this upgrade is more goodness from Microsoft. Microsoft offers 25GB's of free storage which is more then enough for most of us and it integrates nicely into Office 2013 and Windows 8. Both of these upcoming upgrades are also winning acclaim from many of us in the tech know. If you are looking for good safe and convenient online file storage check out Microsoft's updated SkyDrive. The new theme for SkyDrive which debuted today is a glimpse into what is around the corner with Windows 8 and Office 2013.

Monday, August 13, 2012

App of the Month - "WeReward"

In today’s economy one thing is for sure. There is very little “free money” out there. However I have found a new “app” that does just that. Absolutely free money can be earned by doing nothing more than doing what you do – and going where you go.

Izea’s “WeReward” rewards you with 10 or 25 cents per visit to the establishments you visit. All you need to do it open the app, check in at your establishment and snap a picture of yourself at the place of business you are visiting. You can transfer your cash to your Pay Pal account and then from there you can transfer it over to your checking or savings account. That’s it. It’s that simple. I have been using this app on my iphone for about 8 months and at one point I transferred almost $50.00 to my checking account!

The “WeReward” app which is available on both Iphone and Android devices can also be linked to your social media service for status updates.

Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times have recently recommended this app as well. Check out “WeReward” today and start earning a little free cash! You can learn more by visiting the "WeReward" website.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Danger in the Cloud?

Anyone who regularly reads my blog is aware that when it comes to the cloud services I am all in, for the most part. This past month I actually setup a SkyDrive account and moved my files off the server and onto SkyDrive. I decided to do this as a live “test” of how this type of file storage solution works on a day-to-day basis. Here are a couple of things to be aware of before moving to the cloud for file storage.

Local Caching
All of these cloud file storage providers such as Google, Dropbox and Microsoft cache (or store) copies your files on the local hard drive of your computer (or computers) as well as hosting them in the cloud. So let’s say you have SkyDrive (or any of these services) and all of your files have been moved to their “cloud”. Then you download the provider’s “app” on your home pc, office pc and laptop. That means that all of your files are “cached” at all three locations, plus in “the cloud”. Wow! Could be your first thought. Because of this scenario all of your files are “backed up” in several locations, plus the cloud. This is basically true. Your files are in more locations than ever before and you can feel fairly comfortable that you will have access to them regardless of what disaster may befall any of your computers. However, there is one little problem that could arise from this situation, but we will get to that shortly.

Why do these “Cloud” Storage services locally store copies of your files on your computer?
I believe that there a two basic reasons for this.

One. It is more efficient to work on a file “locally” as compared to a file which is streaming while in use. The application you are using to work on the file such as Word or Excel simply performs better when working on a file locally stored.

Two. If you do not have access to the internet you still may need to work on files. By keeping local copies of your files you are not dependent on internet access. Even cloud service providers are aware of this and until the internet is available 100% of the time, caching files locally is the only solution.

Be aware that this caching situation is only occurring on computers. Tablets and smartphones will stream these files while you are accessing and editing them. The files are not stored on most mobile devices.

Danger in the Cloud?
I would not say danger actually. I just liked the headline and hoped it would keep your attention on this article. However there is one real concern to be aware of and this is why it is important to be mindful of how the cloud storage and caching solution works. Here is what happens when you store and then edit files in the “cloud”.

So let’s say as an example you want to work on an excel file. You (1) open the file on one of your computers and begin working on the file. (2) When you are done working on the file, you “save” it and close the application. Then (3) the cloud provider’s application syncs the file in the cloud so that the file in the cloud is up to date with your latest changes. Finally (4) any other computer that you have the application installed also completes this very same synchronization. This is all being done within seconds and without your involvement. Very cool and normally this is exactly what you want. However here is the danger, and sadly this happened to me today.

This morning I was working on a large excel document using Excel 2013. When my work was completed I saved my file and noticed that immediately Excel was “not responding” and obviously crashed (dwat!). The application eventually restarted on its own. I tried to open my Excel file that I had just worked on and received the horrible message, “corrupt file – cannot open”. My thought was “oh well, at least I have SkyDrive installed on 2 other computers, my laptop and office pc”. I checked those computers and the damaged and corrupted file had already been synced at both locations as well as in the cloud. The corrupted file was all there was for me! Ok, don’t panic because I was able to repair the file but that is a story for another day.

The point here is to be aware that if a file is damaged, moved or deleted this will occur everywhere within moments, usually seconds. That’s the danger you must be aware of when storing your files in the cloud. Because of this situation it is remains necessary to continue having a good sound backup solution in place to protect your most critical data.

I remain a big supporter of cloud based services in most cases. However like anything else, no solution is 100% safe. The best way to protect yourself is through awareness of both the benefits and limitations of any solution you choose to use in your organization and at home.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Technology Training for August 9, 2012

A special thank you to everyone who attended today's technology training. Below is the PowerPoint presentation. I was very happy that we were able to cover much more, such as previewing Windows 8, Office 13 and touching on Microsoft Skydrive.

Please email training ideas to me for our October 2012 classes.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cowboys, Baseball and Gas Drilling ~ Yee Haw!

Truman Drilling Site 
(2 Leaseholds converging  ~Truman and Bobcat ~ totaling 1,020 acres with plans for 14 shale gas wells)

You can certainly find more information about ALL the drilling operations in Arlington, TX by clicking here and visiting Chesapeake's Arlington Neighborhood Center.  It's very user-friendly. We count 35 Chesapeake drilling sites inside the Arlington, TX city limits. Beautiful!

Based on what we've learned, and what we know about shale gas, the FRAC Pond you see in the picture (the pond in the lower left that's holding the brownish-colored water)  ~ this FRAC Pond and the accompanying drilling operations will be a fixture in the core of the Arlington, TX downtown business sector for many years to come.  [Are you reading this Dallas?]

So, bring out the Welcome Wagon.

The Truman has landed!  AMEN.

**Update:  Here's some more detail.  Just in case you aren't sure what you are seeing. We understand how it's hard to know with all of this. It's a very special and unique new neighbor.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Monster Fire and Explosion. Tulsa, Oklahoma Refinery Fire

It happened early yesterday morning (August 2, 2012). A Dallas-based company operates the refinery.
KJRH News Report
Posted: 08/02/2012 Last Updated: 21 hours and 44 minutes ago TULSA - No one was injured Thursday when the HollyFrontier Refinery caught fire in west Tulsa. Just before 2:30 a.m.,an explosion was heard coming from the refinery near 23rd and Southwest Boulevard. Flames could be seen shooting several feet into the air and the glow was seen at least 6 miles away.
Refinery officials say the fire started in the diesel hydrotreater unit at the Tulsa East refinery, which is the old Sinclair refinery. The fire was contained by the company's emergency response team. All personnel were accounted for and there were no reported injuries.
Officials say there is no risk to the surrounding community and that a full investigation is under way to determine the cause of the fire. (emphasis added.)

Microsoft Launches ""

Microsoft is preparing to retire it’s free email service Hotmail and replace it with a newer crisper one, simply named “”. has a very clean, simple look which is obviously a reflection of their impending move to Windows 8 and Office 2013. If you’re personal email account has been driving you crazy lately with spam and junk mail maybe it’s time to consider a new service. Also, because this service is less than a week old you may be able to get the email address you desire. For example I was able to register and obtain Within days I am sure that this simple email address would have been snatched up.

I recommend that if you are considering a change for your personal email check out Microsoft’s new free email service at Special Note to Microsoft 365 Users

If you are a current Microsoft 365 subscriber, which we are here at the Borough of West Chester you may be presented with an error message when opening the webpage. If this happens to you, don't panic. Simply delete the browsing cache in Internet Explorer and restart the browser and try again.

Organizing Your Personal Email
If you do this, you can begin to take control & organize your personal email account by simply visiting all of the websites and services you use on a regular basis and change your email address there. This will allow you to clean up your email account and reduce the amount of spam and junk mail probably cluttering you’re inbox.

Customizing Your
You will see that there is some advertising on the right side of the interface, however this can be reduced greatly by adding a preview pane to the right side of your inbox. Microsoft obviously made a decision that simpler is better with their new free email service. It is because of this that the customization options are minimal. Other than reading pane location and interface color there is not much your need to learn here.

Social Media Connectivity
You can connect your social media services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to your account. This will allow you to “chat” with facebook friends and easily see “status updates” right from your email account.

Privacy Protection
Although you will notice advertisements on the right panel Microsoft states that your information is not used to display the advertisements. I am not so sure about this but time will tell.

Setting Up on Mobile Devices can easily be setup on any mobile device using the “Hotmail” account selection. Simply enter your email address, password and you should be receiveing your email on your smartphone or tablet.

This service premiered only days ago, on July 31 so there will obviously be enhancements and improvements just around the corner. However I like what I see so far and recommend that anyone struggeling with an old junk filled personal email account give it a try.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Start of a new CC year

End of Year Picnic, Abecedarians
Hope you're enjoying your summer! Looking forward to our time together on Monday, August 20th for  our parent orientation night! We'll meet at Meadowcroft starting at 7PM. Thanks to our veteran CC families for providing some refreshments!