Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Those Indirect Jobs!! Jobs!! Jobs!!

$$$ Drill, Baby Drill $$$

West Jefferson at NW 16th, Grand Prairie, TX
Picture courtesy of Mr. Fred Allen

Fire up the Barbie

Text Message Sales Agents Needed in Tri-State

SenText Solutions provides a "service" that enables local merchants the ability to "capture" the cell phone numbers of all their customers so they can send a text message to all their customers at the exact same time about specials, promotions, discounts, etc.

You'll be the first to talk to merchants about this exciting new service!

-Lifetime Residuals
-Earnings :

1st year: 50-75k
2nd year: 75-100k
3rd year: 100k plus


We're currently looking to fill positions in the following areas:

Nassau/Suffolk County
5 Boroughs
New Jersey
Westchester County
All CT Counties
All MA Counties
All RI Counties

We seek highly motivated direct sales professionals with strong prospective skills, presentation skills, and closing skills.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

to PEE or not to PEE, that is the question of the day

You are out on your bike ride with a large group of cyclists. Men and women cruising along enjoying the countryside. The fellows in the group decide it is time for the "pee break". They move off of the road and face the country. Off they go to do what guys do. But lo and behold, their backsides are still visible to those passing by on the road not to mention the women that are along for the ride.

Is this ok? Is this what you would not mind seeing as you pass by in your car or on your bike? If you were driving a car would you do this? With your family in tow, would you pull over and take a wee in front of your family members?? Why not?? or why yes?

If you are miles from a bathroom, ok, use the road but can ya at least get behind a rock! If you are near a bathroom, is it still ok to just turn and drop trow? Is this strictly a guy thing or do women do this as well?

Would it be safe for women to squat and pee right alongside the road? Why or why not? Heck the men do it. Why do women look for porta potties and or a large tree? Are they just more polite, more mature or more what?

If you peed in public in a city or a parking lot or any other place, you would be arrested. Why do men do it so much when cycling? Why cannot they find a gas station or convenience store or at least some woods?

Post as to what you think??

Best ride EVER in Chester County

Where can you be only 40 miles from a large city and be in country so deep you would think you were in New England? The answer in Chester County. The seat of this gorgeous county is West Chester, PA. Google it and take a look. Below is the cue that I recommend if you want to see some of the most exclusive race horse farms in the Northeast.

Picture above is on Runnymeade Road. Such a small road you will think you are on someone's private drive but trust me, it is a road! It is between mile 20 and 21. ENJOY

Cloud 101

Check out my "Cloud 101" presentation from the Microsoft 365 2 Day event in Harrisburg PA, October 27-29, 2011.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Store Manager & Sales Associates Needed in Yonkers

Desigual, a store in the Ridge Hill road is hiring in Yonkers for Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser & Sales Associates Needed!
Click here to view the full details.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome to Mansfield, Texas

Nope. This is not an imaginary map. It's the official map of the area around Mansfield, TX from the Texas Railroad Commission GIS mapping system. All the red circles represent horizontal shale gas wells in production and/or completed. Yep. There's a lot of red there.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shale Gas Drilling GREED in Grand Prairie, TX

Managing Your Microsoft Online Password

There is no doubt. Passwords can be a big pain for everyone. However without passwords our information is not secure. This short training video will demonstrate how to manage and change your Microsoft Online password and what happens if you allow your password to expire (after 90 days).

The Koch Brothers Are Killing Us

Watch this shocking video. And then Take Action.

This is why our politicians won't help us. This is it.

New Film Exposes Connection Between the Kochs and a Small Community Dying of Cancer.

A new video from Brave New Foundation shows how people are paying the ultimate price for the Koch brothers' politics and profiteering.

October 10, 2011.  Brave New Foundation's most recent work, Exposed: Koch Industries and Cancer Risk, is a chilling demonstration of just how horrific a price people are forced to pay. The film is set in the town of Crossett, Arkansas and focuses on a community of residents on Penn Road. Among 15 families, there have been at least 11 deaths from cancer, and many more people are ill. The source of their anguish seems to be coming from a foul smelling canal of water, steaming with toxic pollutants, that runs through the woods near their homes.

If you were to follow the stench all the way upstream, one woman in the film explains, it leads to the town's only manufacturer and main employer: Georgia Pacific. A Koch Industries subsidiary, Georgia Pacific is a plywood, paper mill and formaldehyde resin plant that has been dumping millions of gallons of wastewater into open ditches. Even though the company's actions violate the Clean Water Act, the community of Penn Road continues to suffer.[emphasis added]
God. Please. Help Crossett, Arkansas. AMEN.

Finding Your "Lost Track-It"

One of the things I often hear from my co-workers is that "I can't find Track-It" or my personal favorite "Somebody deleted Track-It from my computer!". Track-It is not installed on anyone's PC. It is simply a URL linking your account to the Track-It Server. Here I demonstrate how to access Track-It, even if someone has "deleted it from your computer".

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Regulation Perry Strikes Again!

Kinder Morgan Energy

From their Web site

"Kinder Morgan owns or operates more than 37,000 miles of pipelines and 180 terminals in North America.  Our companies include Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE: KMI), Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE: KMP), and Kinder Morgan Management, LLC (NYSE: KMR)...."

Yes. There's something wrong with the sound at the beginning of the following video...but just stay with it, you don't want to miss what the people living near this shale gas processing plant operated by Kinder Morgan have to say.

The sound immediately messes up again as the reporter talks about the operator. But Watch what Atmos, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Kinder Morgan (the plant's operator) are saying as well. No problem as far as any of them can tell ~$$$$$$$

And some Texans want Rick Perry to be President of the United States when this kind of stuff is going on under his watch? 

Kinder Morgan says they are a "different kind of energy company." I guess that means they poison people in a different way than all the others do???    

This is what we call NO REGULATION PERRY for President of the United States. There's his ticket.  Yay, Team Perry.

Thanks to Texas Sharon for this story. It's SHAMEFUL that our state and country are allowing for the poisoning of the Ponder, TX community.

Ulysses S. Grant. Your story is remarkable. From a modest background you struggled to make a living until the Mexican War started. You enlisted and served in that war with distinction. After the war you served in peacetime and because you missed your wife so badly and children so much you left the service. Loose from the service you struggled to support you growing family failing at the many things you tried. Another war erupted this time, this time it was the North vs. the South. You joined President Lincoln's cause and moved up the ranks and finally became the president's trusted general and eventually earned command of the entire army. You of course went on to defeat the rebellion and help Lincoln end slavery.

After the war you were thrust into the presidency where you tried your best to follow Lincoln's reconstruction plan. For the record you were truly the only president to walk where Lincoln walked. You even made peace with the Indians. The only president by the way to do this.

After your presidency the south would not see truly enjoy peace again until the civil rights movement, almost 100 years later in the 1960's.

After your presidency you and your wife toured the world.

As you turned 62 financial and medical tragedy struck. This is where this story takes the reader.

Hopefully I have grabbed your attention and you check this excellent book out which covers the final last year of a true American hero.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

why bike??

updated my blog finally!! have not posted for awhile as I have been busy with my oldest's son wedding and all that entails....

But Libby is back and still biking. Just this past weekend I threw down 53 miles touring my gorgeous home county - Chester - in the state of PA. My bike club did a ride that took us through countryside that only exits elsewhere in England. Chester County looks a lot like the English countryside with rolling hills, horses, cows and beautiful vistas.

We had a brand new cyclist on our ride. A NEWBIE! I have not ridden with a newbie for a long time but it was such fun to see this guy really enjoying himself and learning a lot in the process.

Course he did what all newbies do - he bought an inexpensive bike. For most folks the thought of dropping several thousands of dollars on a bike is something that they cannot even wrap their brains around. We all have memories of childhood and our little bikes and we think it is the same when you are an adult. You think you would have to be nuts to spend that kind of money on a stupid bike. Cuz what is it other than a seat, wheels, pedal and some gears. Any bike will do as long as it takes me from one place to the next.

But do you use this kind of thinking in any other large purchase your might do. Say buying a new set of golf clubs? Do you go to KMart and buy a little starter set and then hit the links? Well maybe if you were 18 years old.

But if you are an adult with a decent job, and want a LIFELONG hobby that will serve from your twenties all the way through retirement then buy a good bike. Spend time researching bikes. With the Internet it is practically impossible to not be knowledgeable about a large purchase.

Visit many bike stores and just browse. Ask questions. Figure out what size you need and then figure out what you are going to spend. If you want a bike to go around the block with your kids, go to Walmart. If you want a bike that will become a passion, get something good.

Bikes nowdays range in price from $700 to $6000. You want a road bike, not a hybrid. You do not have to buy the top of line road bike, a good starter road bike will do for your first few months. But as soon as you ride with someone on a better bike than your bike and see them flying up and down hills and coasting like there is no tomorrow, your starter bike is going to start looking bad.

Whatever you do, please consider biking as a great recreational activity that you can do alone, with friends and on any road. Once your initial costs are over, you have a piece of equipment that can last years and years.

Happy cycling and see you on the road.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Whats happening to the job market?

An explanation for what's really happening to our economy and its effect on the job market.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Fracking Factory Fire in Waxahachie, TX ?? *Update*

Who Knew?? Waxahachie officials say they didn't know.  It's more than a sure thing that TCEQ and Texas Railroad Commissioners didn't know about this fracking operation, either.   

Is this different than a meth lab??  We're just asking...because no one seems to know what they were doing. It's clearly all very DANGEROUS and, in FACT, it did BLOW UP!

So, now, WE the People, know.  Thank you, Brett Shipp.

*Update* ~ And, to be completely accurate, TXSharon discussed it first.   Here Keeping up with her blog is usually everyone's best bet for this kind of information. We understand that TXSharon's work with the Earthworks' Oil and Gas Accountability Project keeps her very busy these days...but BlueDaze is still the place to go for the latest news about drilling and fracking on the planet. As so often happens in MediaLand, the TV media may appear to be the "first to know."  Thankfully, unlike fracking chemicals, it all comes out in the wash.

"Waxahachie Fire-Rescue Chief David Hudgins told News 8 he was not aware that 80 percent of what Magnablend produces is fracking chemicals.

EPA officials said they had no idea what Magnablend was producing at the plant.

While it's legal to blend fracking chemicals, federal law states if enough dangerous chemicals are being stored on site, then the company must file a risk management plan.

No such plan [risk management plan] has been filed for this facility.

Local, state and federal authorities continue their investigation."
HELP. Please.

Monday, October 3, 2011

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The overarching theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month is “Our Shared Responsibility,” which reflects the interconnectedness of the modern world and the message that all computer users have a role in securing cyberspace.

Through a series of events and initiatives across the country, Awareness Month engages public and private sector partners to raise awareness and educate Americans about cybersecurity, and increase the resiliency of the Nation and its cyber infrastructure.

Americans can follow a few simple steps to keep themselves, their personal assets, and private information safe online. This year, we will also prominently feature a different critical cybersecurity issue each week in October.

Week One:
Emphasizes general cybersecurity awareness with events highlighting the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign

Week Two:
Education / Workforce
Showcases the urgent need to develop cyber education programs to train the next generation cyber workforce

Week Three:
Cyber Crime
Focuses on national and local efforts to prevent identity theft and other cyber crimes

Week Four:
Small Business
Highlights strategies small- and medium-sized business owners can use to bolster their own cybersecurity defenses

Do Your Part
Here are a few simple things businesses, schools, and home users can do to practice cybersecurity during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and throughout the year:

•Find or register a local National Cyber Security Awareness Month event on our official calendar.

•Show your organization's commitment to cybersecurity by signing the online endorsement form and becoming a National Cyber Security Awareness Month Champion.

•Download tip sheets on how to stay safe in a variety of online settings: on social networking sites, on gaming sites, on your mobile device, and distribute them within your community.

•Participate in the NCSA's Cyber Security Awareness Volunteer Education (C-SAVE) Program and help educate elementary, middle, and high school students about Internet safety and security.

•Add a signature block to your e-mail: "October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Stay Safe Online!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Murder of James Garfield

I know that this is a technology blog and I do often find myself reading great science and technology books, however I believe it is equally important to never forget the past. There are countless stories to be explored that I never grow tired of looking into our past and I highly recommend you give it a try. I actually I have found that learning about people and events from the past can have a calming and centering effect. As we all seem to be in perpetual motion these days, stopping and gleaming the past can actually have a de-stressing effect. So give it a try, maybe with the book I discuss here.

James Garfield. Do you know who he is? If you posses an average knowledge of history you will probably respond with something like this. “Was he a president or something?” That’s it. Not much more is probably known about Garfield and that is pretty distressing. In Candice Millard’s recent book, “Destiny of the Republic – A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President” she attempts to right this wrong.

This is a fascinating true story of an American who broke the chains of poverty through hard and honest work. Garfield went on to start a family build a home of a farm after saving his money, and continued to better hilself with self-education and would eventually leave a profound mark on this nation. Garfield loved his family and he loved his books. One reporter remarked after interviewing Garfield in his home during the 1880 presidential election, “wherever you looked you were presented with a book”. When the Civil War erupted in 1861 Garfield left his family and served the Union and rose through the ranks to General. Towards the end of the war Garfield was elected to Congress without campaigning or asking for the office. His reputation was so strong the office came to him. After entering Congress everyone around him could see that Garfield was honest, fair and open minded in everything he did. Eventually he found himself tangled in the tumultuous presidential election of 1880. Running for the Republican Nomination was Ulysses S. Grant (third term), James G. Blaine and John Sherman. The nomination process went on for 2 days, ballot after ballot failed to claim a winner. Although Garfield, who had just won an Ohio Senate seat was working hard to get Sherman the nomination support slowing ebbed in his direction. Garfield did not want the nomination and worked hard to oppose it. However everyone was tired of the “party politics” at that point and Garfield’s reputation was un-like anyone running. Garfield was nominated against his wishes and at the end of the second day was awarded the nomination. As was his work ethic, Garfield who was very uncomfortable with the nomination worked hard for his country and went on to defeat another Civil War hero for the presidency in 1880, Democrat Winfield Scott.

Evil lurks all around us. At the same time Garfield was succeeding at everything he tried Charles E. Guiteau was failing. Guiteau attempted it seems everything. From obtaining entrance into college, law work, writing, theology, politics and even marriage he failed miserably in all of them. Guiteau most likely failed at everything because he was insane. During the 1880 election standing on a street corner Guiteau reportedly made a corner speech supporting Garfield. Because of this, Guiteau believed he was “owed” a political job from Garfield. After the election Guiteau haunted the White House and even met the president once, which was not unusual at the time. An office job was refused of course which led to Garfield’s murder at Guiteau’s hand only 2 months after the election.

There is so much more to this excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to escape into the past for a brief time and learn something about our 20th president, James A. Garfield.

OH, I Almost Forgot
If you take the time to read this book you will be angered and upsept that Garfield should have survived the gunshot he sustained. The doctors so botched the work he suffered in misery and slowly died. A tragic fate he surely did not deserve. Just wait until you learn about that!